Snack Stick

Our Snack Stick is made with pure cuts of beef and pork, and has a delicious smokey flavor with a hint of a summer sausage tang... If you like our Jerky, you'll love this little sausage. Read More


Variety Pack

Can’t decide? Try them all! Better yet, share ‘em with friends. The variety pack includes a package of each flavor: original, hot, peppered, teriyaki, chipotle, and our snack sticks. Read More


Original Pack

The Original flavor jerky is our foundation.  It's flavored with basic ingredients like garlic, pepper, onion and a hint of cayenne.  The seasoning won't overpower the rest of the Tuff Stuff experie Read More


Hot Pack

Also born out of our Original style, Hot kicks up the heat with red chili flakes and cayenne. Read More


Teriyaki Pack

Teriyaki fans, we've got you covered. Our Teriyaki beef jerky is tumbled in a marinade of soy sauce, pineapple juice, ginger and other ingredients you can pronounce.  It's gentle sweetness is contrib Read More


Peppered Pack

We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel here. Our Peppered jerky is born from our Original style, with more cracked black pepper for a classic kick.  This is our most popular flavor. Read More


Chipotle Pack

If you’ve got a thing for smoked red jalapenos, then you’ll love our Chipotle beef jerky. A little sweet, a little smokey, and a little spice, it's a nice marriage, not a compromise. Read More